this month i shipped a big new update for SketchClub! it’s quite a big overhaul of the graphics engine. my goal for this update was to do these engine changes while preserving all the existing functionality, and intentionally leave new ui changes and other user facing stuff for a following update.

it worked out really nicely this way, and while flushing out some tricky glitches and device compatibility issues during the beta i ultimately did wind up sneaking in a bunch user facing changes too.

faster stroking, loading, saving, compositing, transforming, exporting, memory optimizations, procedural bristle brush upgrades, smudge and blur upgrades, gesture improvements, and lots more improvements.

people were especially happy about the tight layer thumbnails, support for tons more layers, direct import into gallery, and the blur tool enhancements. 🙂

iMore did a nice article on the best drawings apps in 2020 for the iPad and Apple Pencil and included SketchClub!

“Sketch Club is a super affordable drawing app that doesn’t skimp out on features.” thanks iMore!