The fastest and easiest way to plot drives for Burstcoin mining

Easy configuration
Beautiful visualization

CPU and GPU support
Plot with SSE4, AVX, and AVX2 CPU or any OpenCL supporting GPU
Easy to use GUI
No messing with complicated config files or doing math to calculate nonce counts
Perfect for externals
No more weeklong plots of SMR drives. Get it done overnight!

TurboPlotter is currently in beta testing. Latest version is 0.9.3. Builds are being released frequently.
Follow @turboplotter on twitter for release notifications or check back here often.

Go Pro!

With TurboPlotter you'll spend less time plotting and more time mining and that means more coins in your wallet. Invest in PRO to unlock:

  • Dual plotting!
  • Run multiple instances
  • Queue up multiple drives
  • Up to four GPUs

For those building out very big deployments the UNLIMITED edition enables:

  • No limit on active drives - plot a dozen at a time if your hardware can do it!
  • Queue up twelve drive per instance
  • Run multiple instances
  • Up to eight GPUs together

Search BURST-G7SM-53RA-FV7V-8XMMK in the Burst Marketplace to buy. WARNING: There are scammers posting fake listings in the Marketplace! Search by this address to find the correct listing, don't just browse the latest products in the Marketplace. Please include the numeric account id you want to plot with (if different than the purchasing account) in the message. Want to buy with other alt coins? No problem! E-mail jim@blackpawn.com with your coin of choice.

Plotting two drives simultaneously


Bonus Plot Checker!

Drag and drop an existing plot file on the Config screen to quickly scan it and make sure its nonces are correct. If you have plots from other tools that you're not sure about (or received mining errors from) - give them a check!


TurboSwizzler is a converter for the upcoming PoC2 format. Currently supports drive to drive mode with plot merging.

TurboSwizzler 0.2.0