it's christmas and that means it's time for me to migrate to the midwest.  i'm hoping to find some time to code some
elite max scripts to feed my new addiction.  if i do then maybe i'll post some.  i'll
probably also be spending lots of time playing video games with my
brother and sister.  last time i was home we beat every one of
the updated games in the psp namco museum.  that was
awesome.  :)

oh, speaking of the psp... i have to say that grand theft auto liberty
city stories is fantastic.  sure everyone has already played lots
of gta on the pc and ps2 but come on, tearing through the city on a motor
cycle while firing automatic weapons at pedestrians NEVER gets
old!  the multiplayer is especially great.  i've
been playing it during lunch with friends at work and it's so good that we've been trying to
convince everyone else who has a psp to get it.  this is so that we may one day
achieve the dream of a 6 player wifi gta psp deathmatch.  you gotta have dreams.

anyway, while on holiday my internet access is going to be somewhere between 'nonexistent' and 'quite spotty'.  i expect this will be causing some twitching of my eye lids and occasional violent bodily convulsions as i adjust, but please don't worry.  i'm drinking some v8 now to help ward off the internet withdrawl and peculiar midwestern viruses and i should be returning safely in a week and change.

happy holidays.  :)