i'm in love with maxscript. if you don't know, it's the scripting
system for 3dsmax. i had some good times with it like five years ago,
but we parted ways when when i started using maya. maya has its own
scripting system called mel, but i never really hit it off with mel and
instead just stuck with c++ plugins.

one nice thing with maxscript is that you can write quick exporters
with it. it is also incredibly simple to build ui to make using your
script easy. but the best thing is the bizarre language itself and how
that maps to dealing with 3d objects and animations. for example:

in coordsys world rotate obj angle [0, 1, 0]
in coordsys local move obj [100, 0, 0]

that rotates the object obj angle degrees about the y-axis then
moves it 100 units in that direction. it's a joy after spending many
hours in c++ to write some maxscript and sprinkle in these domain
specific keywords among the usual for loops and if statements.
another fun example is animation:

animate on (
    at time 0 move obj [0, 0, 0]
    at time 15 move obj [100, 0, 0]

anyhow, to make some objects or meshes in c++ and animate them in some
interesting way takes an obscene amount of code. doing the same thing
in maxscript is just a couple dozen lines and along with a sandwich and
cup of tea makes for a great evening. ;)