ok so i was originally scheduled for jury duty back in november but it was the same week as thanksgiving and i was leaving the state so i had to postpone it.  it was rescheduled for this past wednesday which was absolutely terrible since that is when we were pushing a new live build for the Guild Wars Factions beta event.  whenever a whole bunch of new code is promoted live people have to be around to make sure no bugs were introduced and if they were they have to be fixed asap.  there was also still polish to be done on new stuff going live so being stuck in jury duty that day would be bad and subsequent days even worse. 

fortunately a letter i brought with me explaining the situation to the court was convincing enough to get me excused (not postponed) from jury duty!  the bad thing was i still had to get up ungodly early (6:30am!) in order to make it to the court on time and i ended up staying awake until 10:30am the next day when i finally left work.  i would have liked to try jury duty, but just some other time... not the day we were pushing a year of development live!!