ok e3 this year was awesome.  the biggest thing at the show was nintendo's wii, but the lines to see it every day were crazy so i didn't bother.  i did wait in line to see spore
though and that was totally worth it.  will wright didn't show too much
more than he had previously at gdc, but it was really cool to watch him
go through the latest version of the creature editor and the different
game modes.  man, i can't wait for that game!  i had also been really looking forward to seeing c&c 3, but all ea showed was like a 10 second video clip.  oh well.  as for other stuff, aion was sweet, tabula rasa is looking very nice, crysis is amazing, quake wars looks purchase-worthy, flight sim x is solid, hellgate london is quite fun and the ps3 does in fact look like a george foreman grill.

back at the ncsoft booth we had muytator playing again which was excellent, but this year they were backing up... wait for it.... CHRIS VRENNA!  i'm not joking.  i was so happy to get his autograph.  Smiley  i also got clint walsh's autograph and autographs from members of muytator.  i hope they play again next year, but there was a big deal made at the end of the show about ncsoft violating the rules for noise levels so who knows.