i finally figured out how to get pictures off my phone so i can now post about sasquatch!  :)  it was awesome!  of course!  nine inch nails... the gorge... come on.  it's a long drive from seattle to george wa, so i took the day off work, slept in, then drove the 140ish miles.  the drive is beautiful.  i made it to the gorge in record time because 1) my car likes to go fast and 2) my foot gets realllly heavy when i become bored of the cds in my car. 

i took only this photo and this photo with my phone before the battery died.  oops, why do i never charge that thing??

the bands were great.  wolfmother caught me by surprise.  i had never heard of them before they got on the stage then they totally rocked.  i mean the dude had a cape!  i also really enjoyed tv on the radio.  by the time reznor was up i was verrry tired but after march of the pigs my body had enough adrenaline to keep me up till 4 in the morning.  i didn't camp this time so that 4 in the morning meant a very long dark drive home.  yeah i'll recommend camping even when the second day bands are lame.