thursday night coming home from a company christmas party there was a crazy windstorm and i had to dodge branches and such that littered the roads (which didn't seem all that odd because the party was at an arcade so i had already spent a couple hours driving crazy in rush and other games).  i came home to find the electricity was out and after fumbling around in the dark for some time trying to find my flashlight i gave up and went to sleep. 

there was still no power friday and it turns out over a million other homes in the area were without electricity.  fortunately there was power at work so i stayed very late that day playing starcraft with jonathan (pro), isaiah (gosu), and some chobos.  at home i found my flashlight but the batteries were dead and that set me off on a quest across the dark surrouding cities looking for a store with power and batteries.  it seems a million other people were busy doing the same so i found nothing but loooong lines and empty spaces where the D batteries and non perishable foods should have been.  it was actually rather fun being in this weird post apocalyptic setting and i was half hoping i'd run into some zombies.

so, saturday was more of the same stuff with no power, crazy lines for everything, hanging out at work for hot water and starcraft, and still no zombies.  now it's sunday and the fun of the whole event has kinda worn out and i can't wait for the power to come back on.  i'm looking forward to a hot shower, warm food, and not having to wear half a dozen layers of clothing to keep warm.