well the supreme commander beta ended this weekend and now i have to wait until the end of the month to play again.  i don't know if i can make it.... yeah i got pretty addicted.  :) 

there are so many great new things supcom introduces to rts games.  i really like seeing the rate of change of resources.  it definitely changes the way you think about your economy.  i love how good the action queuing is.  it's great to queue up 10 minutes of work for some engineers and go off and micro some battles letting your base build itself up without so much attention.  having units assist each other and even buildings assist each other is great.  being able to zoom so far out works really well for coordinating large armies and ordering around fast moving planes.  the sci-fi setting is awesome and the tech 3 buildings and experimental units are a blast. 

it does have its flaws though so i hope they spend time tuning it after release.  it took something like 16 patches to warcraft 3 before i really began liking it so supcom is starting in a much better position.  plus it has the same initials as starcraft.  this one could be huge.  :)