cool! the world famous mr. doob has linked to my fire skull experiment in his latest post! :) i've been continuing to learn more about actionscript 3 and develop a small 3d engine. performance has continued to be a tricky thing. i'm so used to thinking at a lower level and in terms of the sorts of optimizations you'd do in c++ instead of as3. writing fast code in as3 is actually trickier in many ways than c++ because it often means you have to mangle your code and manually inline and unroll loops which most c++ compilers just do for you automatically.

anyways, here you can find my fire skull experiment. :) move the mouse around over him to have some fun. and thanks to kirill for the cool skull model which should get a jaw someday soon. ;)

2007_10_25_fs01.jpg 2007_10_25_fs02.jpg 2007_10_25_fs03.jpg