in an epic alliance, the northern dragons and XPLSV worked together to create the winning entry to the textmode demo competition 10: clockwerk! it was very special for me for this demo to be well received because it's the first time i had a chance to collaborate with the dragons since meeting them at blockparty 2007. as it turned out guybrush lives not far from me so we got together to talk demo stuff a couple times then the opportunity to collaborate on the TMDC entry came up. it was fun to meet up at the office on the weekend and a couple nights after work right before the deadline. kirill who helped on conciousness causes collapse and my fire skull also came in to help with some modelling, blacklight worked remotely talking to us over instant messenger, and of course cerror did the awesome music.

2008_01_13_cw01.jpg 2008_01_13_cw02.jpg 2008_01_13_cw03.jpg