recently i've been playing a lot of halo wars on the 360. it's easily my favorite console rts to date - oh and before you explode screaming about how rts games should only be played with keyboards and mice let me just say console rts games have their place in this world too okay?! :)

so anyhow unlike with most rts games i actually played all the way through the single player campaign of the game. it was pretty short having just 15 levels taking something like 15-30 minutes a piece and joined together with some really nice pre-rendered cinematics. the story might have been a bit forgetable because i've forgotten it but i don't have much of a memory for that stuff anyway. :) the campaign did do a decent job of preparing me for the competitive multiplayer which is the party i care most about in rts games.

there are a bunch of characteristics to the game that are interesting to me. one is that you're very limited in your ability to build structures. your base has a small number of slots where you can build things and you need to upgrade your base or set up expansions to get more. another is that as in age of mythology you get god powers based on the race and commander you choose and when used well these can really turn the tides in a battle. one more bit i really enjoy is that as the humans you get up to three of these little master chief looking dudes who can hop in vehicles to really boost their attack and durability or just run around on their own as hero units.

okay well there you have my super mini review of halo wars. if you're fortunate enough to own a 360, go pick up a copy and help me crush some noobs!!