it's been a month now since Sketch Club hit the app store! it's been so much fun seeing what people create and upload to the gallery! i'm really inspired and awed by what people are able to pull from their minds and share. i've hoped to spend a lot more time sketching myself but when i do i just find more things to do or fix in the app or on the site and wind up coding haha. :P

along with the online gallery i've made somewhat of an offline gallery for Sketch Club as well. on the wall behind my desk at work i've been putting up 4x6" prints of some of the best sketches. it's quickly grown from just a shmattering to nearly the whole wall! i've had to move my big NIN poster out of the way and soon my generative art and tech prints will have to find new homes as well. here you can see a bit of the progression... :)

Sketch Club wall 0 Sketch Club wall 1 Sketch Club wall 3