so i totally didn't want to share this because i figured if everyone knew about it then it wouldn't work anymore, but it's already kinda over so i'll let you know my secret!

last year while browsing ebay for useless trinkets to give my life meaning i stumbled on a lot of people selling iTunes gift cards for under face value. must be some scam i thought... so i bought one!  :)  it was a $100 gift card for $85 and actually arrived and worked perfectly! wow it's like free money.  so i bought a bunch more - using some myself for games, apps, music, movie rentals, and giving away others as gifts and prizes.

now based on my amateur handwriting analysis i determined these gift cards were mainly coming from kids so my working theory is children get iTunes gift cards for holiday and birthday presents and then turn around and sell them at nice discounts on ebay.  this may also explain why it seems to be drying up now that we're well past the winter holidays.

anyway i'm still winning the occasional 10%+ off discount so you may have some luck too, but most seem to be going for more than they're worth now which does not seem like a smart purchase.  be on the watch for nice deals again as next holiday season rolls around though!  :)