new Guild Wars 2 vid released!

a new guild wars 2 video is up and explains and shows why it's going to be really goooood! people will get to try it out for themselves for the first time next week at Gamescom! now back to fixing bugs... :)

guild wars 2 trailer #2!

our second teaser trailer is up! this one details the playable races in gw2 and shows more beautiful in-game environments plus some glimpses of combat! i can't wait for more to be revealed. :)

guild wars 2!!

looks like this game is going to be pretty sweet! :D

gwen sneak peek weekend

hooray it’s a weekend of early access to the Guild Wars expansion! but with 150 new skills will i ever be competitive in PvP again?? at least with over 4 million people with the game there’s gotta be some i can still pummel… time for a lot of careful skill description reading and forum trolling. :) oh and of course no release would be complete without a swift kick in the nuts from misbehaving graphics drivers.
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Guild Wars Nightfall!

Guild Wars Nightfall is live!  I have to amend what I said before and recast my vote for game of the year now.  ;)



this weekend is the guild wars nightfall world preview event!  anyone can download and play \o/

guild wars factions

factions is out!!!!  it's already got my vote for best game of 2006 Smiley

victory for last pride!

whoa last pride dominated war machine 2-0 to win the championship!  i had a sneaking suspicion that war machine was going to make a comeback half way through the second game but they got shut down.  gg for last pride Smiley


world championship

the final match of the guild wars world championship is tonight!  the winning guild takes home $50,000 and second place fetches $25,000.  not too shabby for playing a computer game! if you've got guild wars you can watch the match in game by clicking observe on the menu.  it starts tonight at 7:00pm PST.

top selling pc games of 2005

gamasutra has a list of the top pc games of 2005 by sales.  as has been the case for like 20 years now, way too many people are buying the sims and its expansions.  one of these days will wright is going to be spotted sporting ridiculous gold chains and diamond teeth.  it’s just a matter of time until he loses control with all that money.  :)  also on the list at #4 is a game called guild wars.
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gamespot nominations

how cool!  Guild Wars was nominated by GameSpot for Best Graphics (Technical), Best Graphics (Artistic), Best Multiplayer Game, Most Innovative Game, Best Roleplaying Game, and Best PC Game for 2005.


blood necro

here’s the blood necro build i’m playing with right now:

awaken the blood, soul leech, vampiric gaze, mark of subversion, life siphon, dark pact, well of blood, and res signet. i’ve got 15 attribute points for blood magic (17 when awaken the blood is active) and the rest for soul leeching. it’s working pretty well and even giving me nice win streaks on weak teams. well of blood is so great.

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all good things

halloween is over but it was great while it lasted.  the mad king came to lion's arch to give out treats and play games on monday.  here's some fun screenshots from the event: roaring for the king, paper scissors rock, tripping on absinthe, tripping on witch's brew, reward, matching moon, dance


it's halloween in guild wars!  and it only gets better!  (but i can't spoil anything)  :D

witness lions arch / tombs

gw arena

i’ve been hopelessly addicted to pvp random arena in guild wars this weekend. i think 4v4 is way more fun than 8v8. there are just so many fun turn arounds. i’ve been focusing on necro curses and mesmer illusions and have been able to pretty easily 1v1 anything i come up against. well except for blood magic necro but i’ve been unlocking those skills now so that i can try that out on a different character.
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gw beta end event

hope you stuck around for the guild wars beta end event. here's some screenshots in case you missed it: crowded ascalon city district 1 / dancing around the campfire / sitting before failed attempt to sync dances / gold raining from the sky / killer gnomes / fireworks begin / more fireworks / again / killer worms strike / worms in the tournament outpost

fun screenshots

guild... wars... my new favorite outpost / dancing with COV guild / more dancing / playing paper scissors rock before tournament / got to the hall of heroes / dancing after being defeated by lotd

last beta event

the last Guild Wars beta event starts tonight at midnight pst. don't miss it!