ZeroVector Review

cool! ZeroVector was reviewed by 7/10 not too shabby for someone’s first shmup. 🙂 it’s in French so here’s it is translated by Google

ZeroVector 0.2

so i wanted to do an update to my game ZeroVector for the 2018 Christmas holiday (and one year anniversary of its original release) buuuut i got started on it way late and bit off too much work so it wasn’t actually until May 1stthat i actually got it out. i think it came out pretty cool though! 🙂 a major part of the update is a new multiplayer “Conquest” mode.
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ZeroVector - i made a shmup!

i love playing shmups on the iPad and have wanted to try making one for a long time. i finally got around to creating one and it’s available now on iOS, Android, and Fire OS! download it for some fast arcade fun - it’s free!

the game is a retro vector-display-style endless vertical space shoot’em up. you shoot down enemies in a series of waves with boss battles every 8 and the game gets harder and harder until you die.

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