posting live now from the hotel lobby as blockparty has just ended and everyone is off to catch flights or drive home. this morning i slept through the alarm but luckily woke up in time to make it to the award ceremony and party wrap up. the northern dragons took 1st place in the combined demo compo with their demo, in 2nd place was my 4k intro 4kmdr, in 3rd was s_tec's 4k intro, and 4th the demo with my friends from work (welcome to the scene ben, dave, and kirill!!). it was a very fun event and so much thanks to jason scott, RaD Man, and everyone else who put it together. it was especially fun for me working on my 4k at the party place and talking with s_tec as he was also finishing his 4k. oh no my laptop battery is screaming at me to shut down so gotta go now and catch my flight home!