m+dev conference

i went to the M+DEV game development conference over the weekend. i had never driven up to wisconsin before and it turned out to be a really fun trip. the drive up was about two hours, so naturally i was worried that i would get bored and die (i’m not used to long drives) but it went by pretty quick by listening to an audio book. i was told by so many people that there’d be delicious cheese everywhere but i saw not a single slice the whole time!
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small beginnings at @party

it was really cool to visit boston for @party 2013 πŸ™‚ i broke my toe just the week before so i wound up hobbling around in a lot of pain but still had a lot of fun. i split a room with trixter and inspired chaos which was fun and kept costs down too. i was delighted to find boston has Chipotle and enjoyed a fine Massachusetts burrito while staying up late and finishing an entry.
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nvscene wrap up

okay nvscene 2008 was awesome! i’m almost fully recovered now from the many sleepless nights in san jose during the party. :) in the end the demo ryiinn, kirill, trace and i made tied asd’s demo for 3rd place in the compo. not too shabby. :) here’s a video capture you can watch from demoscene.tv! you can also download the full demo and rate it here: n-0505 i’ve posted a bunch of photos from the trip to my nvision 2008 photoset on flickr.
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nvscene live report

it’s the last day of nvscene - a demo party hosted by nvidia as part of their nvision event. it’s been awesome! ryiinn and i got down here to san jose on saturday and immediately dived into nonstop work on the demo to get it finished. saturday and sunday were pretty much nothing but caffeine + junk food + demo demo demo. sunday night was cool as we met up with sceners in the nvscene hall before it opened and went out for a proper dinner.
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summer concert touring

there are a lot of cool concerts this summer i'm looking forward to

i'm not missing any am i??


blockparty + nvision

looks like 2008 is going to be a great year for the north american demoscene! :)



korea trip

i recently spent a week in the mecca of online gaming - seoul, south korea. it was awesome! :) i toured the NCsoft mothership, attended G* 2007, attended a televised starcraft tournament, visited the demilitarized zone between north and south korea, and ate lots of CRAZY food. it was a really great trip and i hope to visit korea again sometime. i finally got a camera so i took some pictures.
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assembly wrap up

ack i’m finally feeling better after getting sick my last day in Finland and spending the last two weeks with mucus and blood pouring out of my major orifices and my brain acting like meat sauce all while trying to catch up on everything from work! ohhhh it’s been miserable. those Finns sure have some crazy powerful viruses. anyways… day 4 of assembly was quite cool since with the demo submitted we finally had a chance to explore Helsinki and more of the party place.
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assembly live report

it’s assembly day 3!! wow, where have the days gone already? i was pretty much a zombie on thursday after so many long hours of travelling. i did manage to keep my eyes open long enough to attend the funny demoscene outreach panel though. it was an hour or something of gloom, sir garbagetruck, gargaj, and waffle attempting to explain to non-sceners what the demoscene is about. i’m not sure they made it so clear though - especially with some hilarious attempted analogies by gloom!
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1 days, 10 hours, 42 minutes until ASSEMBLY

my demo touring continues this week with a trip to Finland for the Assembly demo party! i’m so psyched! :) trace, neurokin, and i are working on a small demo to submit. we’ve had very few days to work on it though so are trying to keep the scope small. hopefully we can finish in time. :) so that i won’t be crazy bored during the 14 hours of travel i got some new PSP games.
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blockparty live report 2

posting live now from the hotel lobby as blockparty has just ended and everyone is off to catch flights or drive home. this morning i slept through the alarm but luckily woke up in time to make it to the award ceremony and party wrap up. the northern dragons took 1st place in the combined demo compo with their demo, in 2nd place was my 4k intro 4kmdr, in 3rd was s_tec’s 4k intro, and 4th the demo with my friends from work (welcome to the scene ben, dave, and kirill!
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blockparty live report

live at blockparty demoparty in cleveland ohio! i’m quite sleepy now as i was up all last night trying to finish a 4KB intro i was preparing for the party, wrap up a tool i did to help with the audio for that guy which i’m releasing to the wild compo, and helping rapidly piece together a 16MB production with friends from work. the deadline was 3:00 today but that wiggled a bit and let us squeeze in a little polish to the big demo but it’s still pretty rough.
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back in the states

i’m back from spain and euskal 14! this was my first trip to europe and i expected the travel to kill me but it turned out to be cake.Β  i passed the flight time there with untold legends, family guy, and gta 3 on the psp.Β  the only hitch was at the paris airport which didn’t display the connection info for my flight getting me quite lost.Β  it wasn’t so bad though because i got to talk to many cute french girls to find my way.
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euskal 14

i think i've now got everything set for my trip to spain and the euskal 14 demoparty! plane tickets, hotel, passport, and party reservation.  now what's left?  hmmm... a demo!



it’s time for another e3!Β  for the last week i’ve been spending a lot of my time at home standing up to try and get my legs ready for all the e3 standing.Β  my plan was that by e3 my legs would be super strong, but i think it may have backfired!Β  my legs are already so tired and sore.Β  hopefully today and tomorrow is enough time for recovery and by wednesday, when the show starts, my legs will be extra strong and my plan will pay off.
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