my demo touring continues this week with a trip to Finland for the Assembly demo party! i'm so psyched! :) trace, neurokin, and i are working on a small demo to submit. we've had very few days to work on it though so are trying to keep the scope small. hopefully we can finish in time. :)

so that i won't be crazy bored during the 14 hours of travel i got some new PSP games. i got final fantasy 2, lego star wars 2, and me and my katamari. they better be really good! when i went to spain last year i lucked out and got addicted to untold legends and that killed like 10 hours alone on the flights in. i never played through final fantasy 2 before so i'm hoping it can do the same for me this time.

i tried to get a sitter for my cat but had two bail on me so now my cat Scratchy will be hanging out at a boarding place. i haven't told him yet, he's really going to hate me!

i've been too busy to post the last couple months but there's been cool stuff with the Guild Wars expansion coming out and the XPLSV floating teeth demo :) maybe i'll get a chance to post whlie bored in an airport, but certainly expect some live blogging from Assembly.