it's assembly day 3!! wow, where have the days gone already?

i was pretty much a zombie on thursday after so many long hours of travelling. i did manage to keep my eyes open long enough to attend the funny demoscene outreach panel though. it was an hour or something of gloom, sir garbagetruck, gargaj, and waffle attempting to explain to non-sceners what the demoscene is about. i'm not sure they made it so clear though - especially with some hilarious attempted analogies by gloom!

friday from early in the morning until 5am trace and i spent working on our demo. we thought the final deadline was 8pm but thanks to preacher we found out we could continue updating it after the submission deadline which helped a ton. it's been very fun working on this one. it's so much simpler collaborating on a demo when you're sitting next to someone than over instant messenger and e-mail with an 8 hour time difference!

friday night the 4k intros were shown and there are some amazing entries this year! my favorites are northern dragons' step back and rgba's stiletto. now i can't wait for tonight to see the 64k intros and demos. :) i'm especially excited to see the xna entries and also asd's latest which i got just a peek of and my jaw dropped!