back in april i sketched out then wrote up code to generate the 'elektropolon'. in my head it was this weird organic sack hanging inside another sack and having lots of small tubes suspended between and connecting the two. i imagined it pulsing or beating like a heart and shaking the tubes as it responds to music. anyway i wrote the code to generate the geometry and simulate it but it sat gathering dust on my hard disk these past months. friday night between rounds of battlefield 1943 i finally returned to it pulling it a little further into life with some nice colorful renders.

the geometry is actually a single surface that the code creates starting with an inside out box and pulling out the sack then picking random faces for tubes and pushing them in a bit then pulling them out to the outer wall. i want to have it merge with the outer wall but haven't coded that part yet so the tubes just end at the outer surface right now.

elektropolon07 elektropolon04
elektropolon08 elektropolon03