i made a little program that procedurally draws a bunch boxes with strokes that mimic hand drawn lines. i got a bit fancy with the occlusion and finding outlines and then producing an animation that builds up the lines in a way a human might. the box arrangements are different every time it runs and come out looking like robot insects to me which i thought was kinda neat. 🐜 🤖 🙂
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playing with html canvas to make generative mop wizards 🙃

it’s very slowwww, back to native code for me.

zipper ball

i noticed since my last post about my zipper ball i never posted my favorite two versions of it! behold!! :)




zipper ball!

waaaaaay back in the year 2009 i made this procedural mesh that i called zipper. i was inspired to do something that was like a bunch of layers pulling apart with spiky breaks.

awhile back i was thinking it’d be fun to try that again with spheres instead of planes.  i haven’t gotten it to look at all like i’ve been picturing in my head yet but here are a few of the WIPs.

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random particle fun

had some fun messing with particles the other night.  i made them fly between nodes switching once getting close enough to their target and all the while leaving behind trails.  i thought it'd be cool to kick out animated gifs and found the imagemagick convert tool made this super easy (convert -delay 1 image_*.png test.gif)


you can check out some more on my flickr particle set

beta, wires, and blobs

if you’ve encountered me at all in the last week either in person or online then you know i got into the Starcraft 2 beta!!@ with Starcraft still being my favorite game of all time i can’t help but be exploding with excitement over this! now i’m not going to write a big review or anything like that here because everyone already knows it’s fantastic and will be buying at least one copy when it’s released.
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skull worms

some time back i was experimenting with some procedural animation and simulation as part of researching how i could animate a creature for a future demo. i didn’t really achieve what i was wanting but i had a lot of fun playing around with it and giving some life to a bowl full of worms. here’s a video capture of them in action:

anyway, when kirill saw the worms he got excited and suggested that he could cut out the top of the fire skull so we could use it as the bowl for the worms.

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elektropolon progresses towards life

back in april i sketched out then wrote up code to generate the ‘elektropolon’. in my head it was this weird organic sack hanging inside another sack and having lots of small tubes suspended between and connecting the two. i imagined it pulsing or beating like a heart and shaking the tubes as it responds to music. anyway i wrote the code to generate the geometry and simulate it but it sat gathering dust on my hard disk these past months.
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new cpu and more maze renders

this weekend i upgraded my desktop machine to the intel i7 920 cpu. it’s a hyper-threaded quad core chip and completely smokes the dual core it replaced. i got it so i could do some computation heavy processing but haven’t finished that project and so can’t show the results yet. however while coding i did keep the cpu busy doing more fun renders of my maze! check out the images below and you can also view the full maze set on flickr
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flickring greebles and mazes

i've been gathering up spare life seconds to experiment with some new procedural geometry
and fancy rendering. here are some highlights if you're interested:



003 maze02

015 superMaze

boxes01 greebleCube

wispy red wispy glass

creepy worms + music

some failed coding experimentation last weekend turned into some creepy worms… this weekend i couldn’t resist putting them to music! ;) the music is a clip from trent reznor’s instrumental remix of reptile

evil curves

here’s a special sneak peak at work in progress for a new demo! this is just one scene played for a long time with the awesome marilyn manson resident evil theme music. the geometry and animation is all procedural and video was captured on my laptop’s x1600. enjoy!


while exploring some random number sets i discovered a universe of spiders perpetually battling each other. their brutality is rather shocking and while i don't know how long they've been at it i do hope that someday they can resolve their differences peacefully. :) in the meantime you can watch their battle unfold live at the epic spider brawl.


free textures

24 original textures released to the public domain. the textures were made using a new texture scripting language created by blackpawn. download the textures here.