if you've encountered me at all in the last week either in person or online then you know i got into the Starcraft 2 beta!!@ with Starcraft still being my favorite game of all time i can't help but be exploding with excitement over this! now i'm not going to write a big review or anything like that here because everyone already knows it's fantastic and will be buying at least one copy when it's released. but well okay... it's amazing fantastic wonderful true to the original super fun crazy addictive and all these things which is making it really hard for me to do anything productive!!! gg blizzard. :)

but anyway sole has been diligently blogging daily on her breakpoint demo progress so i should at least be able to manage weekly updates right? thanks for being a good influence sole!

so recently i've added what i think are some really neat animation and sync controls to the demo system but haven't capped a video of that yet so you'll just have to wait for those details. :) also got in material support, more controls over copied instances, metaballs, and mesh displacement.

here are some new pictures of a simple scene generated in demo studio and rendered offline:

splash4 splash5

splash7 splash

and once again here's a peek at the construction:

okay now i need to get in a match of SC2... or maybe two... :)