this year i've been working on the next version of demo studio. so in brief, version 1 (tokyo, mudballs, ccc) was your typical drop effects into a timeline and edit the parameters, version 2 (hofn, sokuseki) had more powerful sync and scripted effects, version 3 (n-0505, blockparty invite) was entirely code driven with pop-up ui only for tweaking. with version 4 i hope to get the best of both worlds between artist/designer support with ui but without sacrificing the handcrafted codery goodness that comes from not having ui. :)

with lots of the core of the new system done now i can get things animating and syncing to music. here's one of the quick tests from this weekend and a peek at the ui showing how it was done. the music is from Zardonic's remix of Nine Inch Nails Ghosts track 35.

twitchy from blackpawn on Vimeo.