i couldn't make it out to blockparty again this year but i did participate online through the ustream stream and chat which was a blast! i really hope more demo parties do this in the future. watching live party streams is fun but being able to chat at the same time with people at the party and others watching the stream during the compos is just so much better. the archived video is available on ustream but unfortunately the hilarious chat doesn't replay with it haha. and of course lots of the entries are available for download on pouet.

though we didn't make it out in person, xplsv took 1st in the hi-rez graphics compo with kirill's rad render! it's actually using assets from a demo we started after finishing our invite for blockparty 2009. we wanted to release the demo at blockparty 2009 but didn't have time to finish and then again for 2010 we wanted to do it and again didn't find the time. don't worry though we'll release this guy eventually. :)


congrats to everyone who did manage to make a release or make it to the party! and how great to hear the fifth edition of blockparty will be on the west coast in california! see you there? :)