waaaaaay back in the year 2009 i made this procedural mesh that i called zipper. i was inspired to do something that was like a bunch of layers pulling apart with spiky breaks.

zipper mesh 2

awhile back i was thinking it'd be fun to try that again with spheres instead of planes.  i haven't gotten it to look at all like i've been picturing in my head yet but here are a few of the WIPs...

zipper ball

zipper ball 2

the way it came out so far made me think it'd be fun to animate it and have the different layers rotating around. this turns it into a horrific blender of sorts haha :)  using imagemagick again as i did with random particle fun i made some animated gifs for this guy

Zipper Ball 20zipper ball 17

each gif is 48 frames and the layers rotate in different directions and speeds but ensure that after the 48 frames they are in an orientation that gives the exact same appearance as where they started. this way it just goes on forever and ever (always ready to blend up a strawberry smoothie or something)

so as i mentioned it's not what i had in mind yet so i'll be doing some more experiments with the zipper ball and post further updates in the future... perhaps 2017? :)