some time back i was experimenting with some procedural animation and simulation as part of researching how i could animate a creature for a future demo. i didn't really achieve what i was wanting but i had a lot of fun playing around with it and giving some life to a bowl full of worms. here's a video capture of them in action:

anyway, when kirill saw the worms he got excited and suggested that he could cut out the top of the fire skull so we could use it as the bowl for the worms. after that we decided we also needed to cut out the eye sockets so the worms could wiggle and drip out of the eyes! this was, as you may be able to imagine, entirely too much fun! i hooked up a hot key so we could drop worms into the skull and another to rotate the skull back and forth and we had ourselves a great little toy. here you can see it in action:

finally for fun we did some offline renders of it:

skull worms WIP

i'm not sure what the future holds for the skull worms. maybe a halloweentro is in order. :)