a few months ago i wrote my first iPad code and my first shaders for iOS devices. i made a fun 3d globe control for ABC News' iPad app! it's a bunch of cards on a sphere that you slide around to browse through news stories. it doesn't use any standard projection method but instead some really crazy stuff so that cards in the center are nice and big and cards get small really quick as they fall off from the center. it feels really nice sliding it around. it calls back on its delegate as cards scroll into view so it allows for scrolling through an unlimited set of data in both directions and allows asynchronous loads and updates of the cards.

bad news: i got no monies or greets for this and my nice spec highlights and mip-mapping were disabled in the final for some reason :(
good news: tons of people are now touching, swiping, and stroking my ball! ;)

here's a link to the full info for the app so you can download and install it on your iPad! be sure to rate it five stars in the app store and comment that you loved stroking blackpawn's ball!! :D