one of the upsides of a global pandemic has been that demo parties are forced to take place online. this is so great (especially for an american whose only made it to a couple european parties)! 😃

i had a blast watching and chatting along with revision and function which i always wanted to attend plus assembly and a bunch of others.

for his inercia party, ps did something really special and streamed his preparation work, demo shows, and seminars all throughout september. it was really fun to attend them and have something to look forward to with each.

as the party date approached i felt i needed to make some kind of an entry as a thanks for all the hard work the ps and alien01 put in doing what felt like an epic month long demo party! i have WIP on a demo but didn’t want to scramble to release it unfinished so worked to make a 4k procedural graphics entry inspired by paulo’s seminar and evvvil’s live streams.

it was really fun to make! 😀 i started it in top secret new demo tool in macOS writing in Metal Shading Language and making my poor laptop overheat. with a day to go I rushed to port it over to OpenGL GLSL so I could pack up and ship as a Windows 4k. (I had no idea how I would do a 4k on macOS. later at the party I talked with Alia who shared her tricks and secret tools! 😃) fortunately going from MSL to GLSL turned out to be a breeze and had my entry ready by the deadline.

the party was amazing. ps debuted his innovative shader royale system, there were great dj sets, and lots of great entries in all the compos. the closing ceremony even had jeenio serenading the results live. 😀

here’s my little 3,003 byte entry “containment”. it takes 15 seconds to compute then displays the results. i just tested on my nVidia 2070 so it probably only works on that or newer. BPL let me know it has some issue on the 970. anyway you can see the image for the results ðŸĪŠ

containment 4k procedural graphics