i hit a nice little achievement of 365 day streak with DuoLingo 🎉

it’s a really fun language learning app. they have it “gamified” nicely with achievements, leaderboards, experience points, unlockable bonuses, and streaks. it has been a nice replacement for me from playing C&C Rivals, hearthstone, or summoners war.

i started with learning Chinese and got through two tiers before things got really hard with dates and so i started mixing in Spanish lessons which are waaaay easier (both from being more similar to English and also having had lots of Spanish in grade and high school).

i was very competitive for awhile and got nearly up to the top league in the leaderboards. they had a bonus that would appear randomly each week where you could do an hour of lessons for bonus points so i would always jump on top of that and complete as many lessons as i could in those hours. since they removed that feature though i haven’t been as dedicated but have kept up at least a couple small lessons a day to keep the streak going.

i have no idea how effective it really is for becoming fluent in other languages but it is fun and satisfies that same reward system that games do while having more potential for being actually useful. 🙂